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2022 Books Review

1. “Mind-Full: Unwreck Your Head, De-Stress Your Life” by Dermot Whelan.A good way to start the New Year.Om Mon Padme Hum. It teaches the power of mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily routine..https://t.co/O6S1VbWTvH 2. “The Economics of Innocent Fraud” by J.K. Galbraith

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Movement vs Action: Understanding the Difference

Movement vs. Action: Understanding the Difference I have observed that most smart people make a common mistake that keeps them from achieving the best results. And they often make this mistake without ever realizing it. This mistake is to do with their ability to differentiate

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#50wordreview Book Review: Haesun Moon – Coaching A-Z

The #50wordreview is my way of taking the salient reflection points I got from reading and turning them into my own words. Moving from “either-or” to “both-and” is powerfulOur words generate our worlds‘I don’t know vs ‘I don’t know yet’ The Yet invites anticipation and

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Is Executive Coaching Worth It? 7 Surprising Benefits

An effective coaching relationship will be built on a foundation of trust and use this to not only clarify your goals and objectives, creating a clear development plan, but also ask the difficult questions that allow for real long-term transformation. And professional coaching doesn’t just

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