Eight Signs It’s Time To Hire A Business Coach

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t seem to get ahead, it might be time to consider hiring a business coach. As a leader, it’s important to have someone who can help guide and support you as you grow your business. Business coaching is an investment that can pay off in big ways, so read on for eight signs that it might be time for you to hire a business coach!

1. You Are Overwhelmed

The most telling indication that it’s time for a coach is when you reach the point where you feel overwhelmed. You’re feeling overwhelmed by the notion that there’s too much to accomplish and not enough hours in the day. You’re concerned about how much money you’ll make at the end of the month, especially because your business might fail without your income. And you’re concerned because you don’t feel in command of your company, its staff, or its vendors.

2. You Need a Confidant to Talk About Your Business With

There is a desire for perfection when you stand front and center. Who can you trust to express themselves without feeling exposed or damaging your credibility or reputation in the company or its clients? How would it feel to have someone who provides objective feedback on your ideas and a partner to help you complete the process of design, implementation, and evaluation? It’s time to get a coach!

3. You Intellectually Know What to Do But Don’t Do It

When you “know” what to do but don’t execute, you need a coach. The lack of change is generally caused by the need for paradigm shifts that demand an outside viewpoint and someone to help you convert broad ideas into practical actions that you can take in your own life.

4. You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

Sometimes we believe we know the proper path in our job or company growth, but it turns out that it isn’t correct. We may need assistance from someone who is more impartial than subjective in order to achieve the outcomes we desire. A business coach can help you gain a higher return on your investment, increase active involvement, and remove barriers that are preventing you from obtaining results.

5. You Want to Save Time and Money

If you’re thinking about starting a business or are in one and think, “Wow, I wish someone could help me figure out how to do this,” you should seriously consider hiring a coach. Working with an excellent coach can save you time, money, and missed opportunities by avoiding the “lone wolf” approach.

6. You Find Yourself Listening Only To Your Own Ideas

When you limit yourself to only hearing your own thoughts, you’ve likely discovered that it’s time to hire a business coach. The more senior you are in the organization, the less people tend to be honest and simply comply. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to work alone, which can lead them to just hear their own ideas. We all require checks and balances. A professional coach may assist you.

7. You’re Feeling Stuck and Frustrated by Others

I frequently encounter situations that are similar in my clients’ lives. When you’re repeatedly irritated by others at work or can identify some unhealthy workplace dynamics while also not knowing how to truly change them, the time is ripe for working with an executive coach. A coach’s unbiased viewpoint might be exactly what the business needs.

8. You Want Your Company to Grow

If you’re still breathing as an entrepreneur, you’ll need a coach. I’m not just a coach; I also run my own firm of 40 people. I’ve engaged the services of half a dozen coaches and benefited from the help of many mentors and therapists. Your business grows at the same rate as your personal development. Find someone you can trust, get started, and see what happens. The return on investment is incredible.

John James Hickey is a certified EMCC Practitioner Executive Coach who helps leaders achieve success through improved self-awareness and relationships. Based in Ireland, John works with clients across Europe and North America. To find out more about how executive coaching can benefit your organisation or individual career growth, please contact John on john@johnjameshickey.com.

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