Personal News: I am now a RocheMartin Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence

John Hickey – Roche Martin Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner Coach

Why is understanding Emotional Intelligence important to me and How the ECR can help you:

Improve business culture

Create an authentic business culture to help your company beliefs and embed them in professional conduct. A vibrant company culture will nurture strong employee relationships and increase staff retention rates.

How the ECR helps: We often find that leaders create the company culture. The ECR enables businesses to assess leaders against the 10 competencies of effective leadership to help develop critical skills and drive overall business performance.

Increase diversity and inclusion

By encouraging your team members to understand their colleagues better through Emotional Intelligence, you can bring out the best in people and celebrate your clients’ unique skills and strengths.

How the ECR helps: The ECR measures levels of empathy which are key to building a trusting environment where team members feel valued.

Attract industry-leading talent

Attract and retain industry-leading talent to positions at all levels of an organisation’s structure.

How the ECR helps: The ECR helps to find candidates with similar traits to the hiring organisation, which helps with both retention and finding the right fit candidates who can deliver sustained, long-term results.

Enhance sales performance

You can even help with enhancing sales performance by helping sales teams develop skills like empathy and how to become better negotiators.

How the ECR helps: Sales teams encounter inevitable setbacks and challenges. The ECR helps to measure resilience and provides the mental tools they need to continue to perform.

John Hickey is an Executive Coach in Ireland who is accredited as a Practitioner Coach with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. He is now a Roche Martin Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner Coach

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